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Aimed at living in harmony with nature, Banshu-ori is working on 8 goals.

Nature is a necessary factor in the production of Banshu-ori. We have been sparing no effort in protecting the environment while making Banshu-ori products.


[What Banshu-ori can do]

  • [plan] Develop sustainable and high functional materials.
  • [material] Search for natural fibers that do little harm to the earth.
  • [dye] Dye the thread and also take care of the environment.
  • [weave] Weave cloth that shows the merit of natural fibers.
  • [manufacter] add value to cloth made of natural fibers.

[Effort to recycle disposed fibers]

We try to recycle disposed thread, cut cloth during production, waste clothes from household, cotton from disposed blankets by bioethanol and RFP.

[Effort to reuse surplus yarn]

We figured out a system to reuse surplus such as inventing Arrange Winder to connect surplus thread and make new one. It also helps developing new textile.

[Effort of companies to protect nature]

Companies reuse high temperature waste water to raise efficiency of energy use.

We aim to make a place suitable for working and living by activating local industries,
processing recycle for the whole area.


Banshu-ori supports SDGs

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