(Producing process)

Producing process

Producing process
  • Plan, design

    Plan for products according to the usage of textile

  • (Textile design)
    Design clothes or interior by color, pattern, painting and texture.

  • (Sample room)
    Showroom of agents. There are many samples here and it plays an important role in the development of products.

  • Arrival of thread

    Various fibers such as natural fibers, functional fibers and eco fibers are shipped to the producing area.

  • Heaping

    The process that rolls thread by determined times to a stick before dyeing.

  • Dyeing

    Dye the sticks in a dyeing tank.

  • Roll like soft cheese

    To dye better, roll the thread in a shape like a soft cheese roll.

  • Dye cheese rolls

    Put the soft cheese shaped rolls into dyeing tank to dye.

  • Re-roll thread

    Re-roll the thread in a shape of cheese or corn to fit the rapier looms or air jet looms.

  • Arrange thread partly

    Arrange the glued thread in a machine.

  • Beam-to-beam sizing

    Size the arranged thread.

  • Rough roll

    The process to roll thread to a dyeing beam. Thousands of thread with the same length would be rolled at the same time.

  • Dye beam

    Put the rough rolls into a tank for dyeing. This is suitable for dyeing big lots.

  • Sizing

    Size the determined colors or patterns.

  • Wiring

    Put thread though the sized beams.

  • wiring

  • Leading thread

    Put thread though the leads.

  • Leading thread

  • Preparation for weaving

    Put prepared beams to the loom.

  • Weave (air loom)

    Use cam or tappet to move heddles up and down. Usually within 8 heddles.

  • Weave (rapier)

    Use dobby to move heddles up and down. Usually within 16 heddles.

  • Weave (jacquard)

    Use jacquard to move thread up and down.

  • Fabric inspection

    Inspect the fabric.

  • Finishing

    Process the materials weaved in factories.

  • Finishing

    Do the final check.

  • Wrapping

    Wrap products that meet the standard.

  • Ship the products.

    Ship the products.