History of "Banshu-ori"

  • Exposed at river after dyeing

  • Cotton growing in 1700s

  • Weaving association in Edo period

  • End of Meiji period

  • Dyeing of Taisho period

  • Beginning of Showa period

Mid of Edo Period

Cotton growing in Banshu area was started. Since 1750s, thread dyeing was started using abundant water resources.

Year 1792

Hida Yasubei brought techniques of making weaving machines from Kyoto and bloomed production.

End of Edo Period

Manufacturing at factories was started and producing area was formed. Number of cotton cloth suppliers marked 60~70 in Meiji Period.

Year 1877

Synthetic chemical liquid was imported, which made dyeing more kinds of colors possible. In 1990s, weaving machines powered by oil engines were introduced and marked the beginning of modernization.

Year 1906

The name of "Banshu-ori" was first presented at Textile Exhibition.

Year 1913

The name of "Banshu-ori" was spread domestically due to the opening of Banshu railway and the war.
Export was started after World War One. Trading center was moved from Yokohama to Kobe because of the Kanto Great Earthquake, and this area became exporting origin.

Year 1920

Hyogo-ken industrial test site - Nishiwaki branch was founded and techniques of dyeing and processing were improved.
In 1937 number of weaving machines reached 16368 and marked the Golden Time.

Year 1971, 1985

After twice of great rise of Yen against other currency, sale was shifted to domestic needs.
After seeing the production peak of 387 million square meters, in 1990s impacted by cheap imported products, the production was dramatically decreased.
Nishiwaki local museum (1984), Banshu-ori future Museum (1999), Banshu-ori Workshop (2004) started sending information.

In 2000s

By introducing high-speed weaving machines and computer designs, structural reform to answer short-recycle needs was carried out.

Year 2008

Local brand "Banshu-ori" was acquired and quality insurance system was formed and reinforced.

Year 2016

Cooperated with government by releasing “Declaration of supporting origin of Banshu-ori and its speciality”. Also promoted immigration of designers and activated local companies.

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