Service regulations

Definition of local brand

Textile made in the area of Hyogo-ken Kita-harima is called Banshu-ori.
Among all products that Invented, thread dyed, weaved and processed at this area, those meet a certain standard will be certificated as “Banshu-ori” and represent this brand.

Quality standard chart

Quality standard
Reference area (1) material(less than 127cm x length 100cm)
(2) material(more than 127cm x length100cm)
Range (1) length x 0.6. Penalty
(2) length x 0.7 penalty
(1) 50mx0.6=30点
(1) 60mx0.6=36点
(2) 50mx0.7=35points
(2) 60mx0.7=42points
Range of penalty shown 1point(less than 2.5cm)of conspicuous defect, and 3,5,10points penalties must be shown
Limit of penalty(50〜60m) Fewer than 5

Brand logo (excerpt)


Tools (mark, logo, label, hang tag, woven name) qualification of usage

qualification of usage

Those qualified to use these tools must be members of Banshu-ori industry cooperative, Hyogo-ken fabric dyeing industrial cooperative, Banshu-ori industry cooperative, Banshu-ori producing cooperative.


Those who want to use these tools must apply Banshu-ori brand committee through belonged cooperative with designated format.

Permission of usage

The committee will confirm the submitted form and permit usage.


Usage of these tools will be charged. The fees will be determined in another chart.

Usage of label and hang tag

Labels can be attached when all process of dyeing, weaving and producing meet the quality standard.
Products dyed in other places but under 50%, or processed in other places due to the difficulty of processing will be approved as exceptions.
Besides, products using materials with labels can be attached hang tags.

Quality responsibilities

The quality responsibility of local brand “Banshu-ori” is with companies in the area.

Shared asset

Those using the tools acknowledge that the local brand “Banshu-ori” is shared asset of the area and Banshu-ori industry, and will commit to raise the value.

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