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Local brand “Banshu-ori”

Softness to the world, to the future. This is the symbol and logo for our “Banshu-ori”.


Goal of “Banshu-ori”

Made by Kita-harima and people there, we want to give a message of relief and well-being while accumulating experience.

What is Banshu-ori ~Definition~

Textile made in the area of Hyogo-ken Kita-harima is called Banshu-ori.
Among all products that Invented, thread dyed, weaved and processed at this area, those meet a certain standard will be certificated as “Banshu-ori” and represent this brand.

Banshu-ori is made by Kita-harima’s nature and people, treasure of textile. ~History~

In 1792, Banshu-ori was formed based on the techniques brought by Hida Yasubei from Kyoto.
Since then, farmers have been working on this during off-season.

Banshu-ori is gift of nature ~decision to well-being~

Among conditions to make yarn dyed textile an industry, Banshu-ori is blessed for clear streams. In this area, Kako River, Sugihara River, Noma River bring soft water that is best suited for dyeing.

Having the gift from nature, people living in this area made Banshu-ori.
Given birth by nature and people of Kita-harima, Banshu-ori should never do harm to the nature. We should always be kind to the nature.

That is why we have always spare no effort to purify water before putting back to nature.
For example, our water purifying facility meets the standard of Seto Inland Sea Environmental Conservation Temporary Measures Law, and also the world-class strict requirement.

Besides dyeing process, we pay attention to all other process of Banshu-ori production, because we hope Kita-harima will always be full of clean rivers and fishes and birds. We want to live in harmony with nature here.

And we are also trying to hand over this to next generation.
We believe that textile made in such a place will bring happiness to everyone that uses it.

Banshu-ori as treasure of the area ~position in the area~

In Kita-harima, a lot of people are linked with Banshu-ori.

Agents who catch the needs of consumers and apparel companies and promote the possibilities of the area; dyeing companies who take advantage of the beautiful nature and dye tens of thousands of colors; weaving companies who combine traditional methods and latest techniques; producers who add additional value to products. All the people work together to make this Banshu-ori.

We did and will continue to unit and work hard to make Banshu-ori.
We believe the well-being of makers of Banshu-ori is connected with that of the whole area.

Banshu-ori helps inheritance of techniques and pride. ~innovation~

Banshu-ori encouraged various innovations in the long history, Such as improvement of machines and weaving methods, new patterns made by electronics.

To continue making Banshu-ori, we will inherit these tangible and intangible treasures to next generations. And also adopt latest technologies and work on development of human resource.

Besides, we also want to inherit our pride in this products. It is all in this local brand “Banshu-ori”. It made the history, and will make the future.

Quality management of Banshu-ori. ~determined mind for customers’ belief~

To deliver happiness to our customers, we always try to deliver the best quality of Banshu-ori.

And we are proud that textile from Kita-harima has always reached the highest level in quality.
Banshu-ori brand committee will see to it that Banshu-ori keep the quality.

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