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About Banshu fishhook

Banshu fishhook has been produced at Kita-harima area since end of Tokugawa Era (1858~1868).

And it was produced by machine instead by hand during end of Meiji Period and beginning of Showa Period.Thanks to continuous study and great effort of technicians, better molding machines and heat treatment methods are developed recently. Combining traditional techniques and latest technologies, precise and high value-added fishhooks are manufactured.
Nowadays, Banshu fishhooks (including Kato Shi area) boast 90% of domestic share. Some manufactures are well known world-widely.

"Banshu fishhook" and "Banshu fishing fly" are certificated as regionally based collective trademarks (regional brands). By using the logos on subscriptions and products, we want to raise the needs for them.

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